August 11, 2022


We provide insurance solutions to a wide range of agriculture businesses. Here are some of the business types we currently serve:

  • Animal Slaughtering and Processing (poultry, egg, etc.)

  • Beet Sugar Manufacturing

  • Canneries (fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables)

  • Confectionary Manufacturing and Wholesalers

  • Dairy Product (except dried or canned) Merchant Wholesalers

  • Dairy Product Manufacturing (milk, eggs, cheese, butter)

  • Dried/Dehydrated Food Manufacturing

  • Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

  • Fertilizer Dealers and Distributors with Custom Mixing

  • Fish and Seafood Merchant Wholesalers

  • Flower, Nursery Stock and Florist Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

  • Food Distributors and Processors

  • Frozen Fruit Juices and Food

  • Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Dealers

  • Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (orchards, roasted nuts and peanut butter processing)

  • Fruit and Vegetable Packing

  • Meat Packing Plants

  • Milk Haulers

  • Mills (Animal Feed Manufacturing, Feed Mills, Flour Milling, Grain)

  • Nursery, Garden Center and Farm Supply Stores

  • Seafood Processing and Packaging

  • Seed Merchants

  • Sod Farms

  • Soybean Processing

  • Support Activities for Animal Production (breeding services for animals - AI, etc., dairy herd improvement activities, livestock spraying, and sheep dipping and shearing)

  • Veterinary Services (livestock services)

  • Wineries

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